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The Moment of Choice

All of us have experienced moments when time seems to stand still. God speaks to our hearts something more real than we can see with our eyes. God’s word breaks through our veiled understanding, and we understand something that changes what we thought we already knew.

Will we bend in faith to new possibilities? Or will we instead break the moment into pieces that fit what we know?

The Bible is filled with holy moments like these, and a good example is the vision of Jacob’s ladder. In Genesis 28, the father of Israel for one glorious moment perceives a reality beyond what he sees. There is a flight of steps connecting heaven and earth, and Almighty God himself is in perfect control of all of time itself, past, present and future.

But it’s not until Jacob wrestles with Jesus in Genesis 32: 24-30 that he truly grasps the nature and character of God and lives in the light of His glory.

It’s easy to see ourselves in Jacob’s initial faulty responses. We experience our own “holy moment,” and then carry on like it never happened. Jacob, for instance, refuses to believe God’s promise to be with him and puts God to some practical tests, asking Him to provide food, water and safety, before he’ll worship Him.

Whenever time stands still in our lives, we must beg for understanding about what He is saying and then trust Him for the impossible, the unbelievable and the incomprehensible. If we first make it all about us, we’ll miss the true glory of it all.

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