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The Way We Judge

Gold is selling for about $1,600/troy ounce. It seems like businesses on every corner have signs reading, “We buy Gold! Best Prices!” Imagine walking into one of these shops with your jewelry. You put it on the scale and it registers 1.8 ounces. Wow! You just got almost $3,000. Three days later, you return to the gold dealer to buy back the same jewelry. But this time you’re told the same piece of jewelry is 2.8 ounces and will cost you $4,500.

Imagine your outrage. These people just ripped you off! God hates it when people are unfair in their business dealings. Proverbs 20:10 says “unequal weights and unequal measures are both alike an abomination to the Lord.”

This principle applies to more than crooked business deals. How many times have you been offended by a coworker’s behavior then acted the same way toward someone else? Have you ever been outraged when your spouse spends $50 on clothes while forgetting that you bought an $800 gun or golf club?

Matthew 7:1 says the same measure we use to judge others will be used against us. We often stop at the first part of the verse (“judge not”) and forget to read the next few verses that encourage us to examine ourselves objectively. The Bible tells us to examine ourselves with “sober judgement” (Romans 12:3). Sober judgement means making the truth of the BIble the scale we use to weigh our motives and actions.

Take time to examine your heart and actions over the past 24 hours. As you face your attitude and behavior unflinchingly, confess where you’re falling short, give praise for how the Holy Spirit has worked through you and ask God for the grace to continue bringing your heart in line with His will.

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