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Trapped By Friends?

If you want to know who you’re becoming, look at your friends. Who we hang out with reveals who we are. Peer pressure is not just limited to high school, and it can be a good thing when we’re hanging out with people who love Jesus and follow Him. The problem begins when we surround ourselves with people who negatively influence us. 

Proverbs 22:24-25 warns against spending time with hot-tempered people, “or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared.” To become ensnared or trapped by something is a pretty scary thought and is the opposite of how Jesus calls us to live. 

It’s not only angry people who can influence us to become like them. The reality is when we spend time with someone who has any sin issue they refuse to address, it is like we are stepping right into a trap. 

There comes a time when we have to make hard decisions regarding our friends. While it’s not necessary to completely cut someone out of our lives for being an angry person, it may be necessary to stop spending time with that person. We still have the opportunity to love them and point them to Jesus while being careful to make sure we are growing closer to Jesus. 

When we stop spending a lot of time with someone we are close to, it can leave a painful void in our lives. While we understand that the relationship is not healthy for us, we will miss the fun we had with that person. But, Jesus has more to offer us than what we will be missing. Spending time with and following Him will lead to the joyful, abundant life we are seeking.


  • Take a moment and evaluate your friendships. Do you have any relationships that are endangering your relationship with Jesus?
  • What is one change you need to make in your relationships today?
  • Are you the friend who is struggling with sin? Who can you talk with about this issue? Our Care Team would love to talk with you at your campus on Sunday or you can connect with them here.

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