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Two Mistakes Young Leaders Make

Imagine sitting in a college classroom on the first day of class. The professor is reviewing the syllabus, explaining what is expected to pass.

Now imagine a classmate beside you says you don’t really have to do all that stuff to get out of the class just fine. While there is a small chance your classmate would be right, the more likely scenario is that the professor knows best since he is teaching the class and deciding who passes or fails.

It may seem obvious that we should listen to people more knowledgeable than our peers, whether that’s a professor, a mentor, a parent or older friend. But like Rehoboam, we often neglect the wisdom of our elders and follow the influence of peers. We trade experience for what sounds good in the moment.

In 2 Chronicles 10, Rehoboam made two key mistakes as a young leader. He didn’t give extra consideration to experts on the situation, and he didn’t seek God’s wisdom on how to discern the better option. Instead, Rehoboam followed his own desire and the words of people just like him. Because of that, the people in his kingdom revolted and his kingdom was destroyed.

We may not be leading kingdoms, but we all have opportunities to lead. Every area of influence we have  — whether friendships, jobs, marriages, or families — was given to us by God. And like Rehoboam, we will all face moments where we don’t know what to do.

When in doubt about how to lead or what to do, remember not all advice is created equal. If we’ll seek the input of older believers, consider what the Bible teaches, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, we’ll always find true wisdom.


  • The best way to honor the influence God has given us is to use it for His glory. What is one area of influence God has given you?
  • Can you remember a time when you listened to someone older than you and it worked out well?
  • Who are some people in your life that you go to when you have to make a hard decision?


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