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Ultimate Authority


Luke 20

The Sadducees and Pharisees were highly educated and trained in the religious tradition of their time.  As religious leaders, they had authority and influence.

Jesus’ claim to be the messiah threatened their control of the people. They wanted to stop Jesus from preaching and teaching. Luke 20 provides the play-by-play of some of their failed efforts to invalidate Jesus as the son of God. Believing themselves superior, they questioned Jesus about debated topics in attempts to trick Him into saying something foolish or for which they could arrest Him.

Jesus easily dismantled their attempted trickery. He answered their questions with questions — and they had no answers. As the alleged smartest people of their day, these men should have realized that Jesus is God’s son, so His authority conquers mere human trifling 100 percent of the time.

People today still try to invalidate Jesus. Sometimes it is a famous skeptic, claiming that Jesus is just a man or completely made up. Sometimes we invalidate Jesus because what He says cost us something. Too many times we try to hang on to our comfortable traditions when Jesus challenges us to move outside of our comfort zone.

Anything or anyone that opposes Jesus will ultimately fail, just as the Sadducees and Pharisees did.  The decision between failure and joy comes down to submission to Jesus or sticking to our own plans.


  • Does modern skepticism cause you to doubt Jesus’s authority?
  • Are you afraid to submit certain traditions or routines in your life to Jesus? Why?

The remains of the temple where Jesus taught. The wailing wall. 

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