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Undercover Boss

There’s a show on CBS called “Undercover Boss.” The concept goes something like this: The presidents and CEOs of major corporations go undercover in their own companies. They wear a disguise in order to meet employees and learn how the company is really running. One of the best parts is seeing high-powered CEOs doing menial tasks, such as cleaning toilets, running trash routes and mopping floors. At the end of the show, the CEOs reveal their identity to their co-workers and leave them with a gift that changes their lives for the better.

In many ways, Jesus had to come to Earth like an undercover boss in order to save us from our sins. Before Jesus came to Earth, He was with God and the Holy Spirit in heaven being worshipped by angels. He was 100 percent God, but He had to become 100 percent human as well. Born of a virgin, He went undercover for us. On Earth, Jesus lived like we do. He experienced hunger, thirst, exhaustion, anger, happiness, friendship and heartache. He laughed, He cried and He was tempted to sin. He experienced physical and emotional pain for us on the cross.

If Jesus was 100 percent God but not 100 percent man, he couldn’t have experienced temptation. God is holy and cannot be tempted. It is impossible for God to sin, make a mistake or be imperfect. Jesus’s ability to experience temptation then overcome it gave us a perfect example of how to live a life that honors God.

If Jesus wasn’t 100 percent God, He was just a really good guy who died on a cross. All of us would still be bound for hell. It took a perfect sacrifice to appease God. Our sin requires a sacrifice without blemish. Jesus had to be 100 percent holy to wash our sins away.

Thank God for loving us so much that He would send His only son to rescue us. As Christ followers, let us look forward to the great “reveal” when we meet Him face to face.

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