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We Can’t Have Rescue Without Repentance

A boy once took care of sheep. One day he decided to play a mean trick. At the top of his lungs he screamed, “Wolf!”  All who heard came running to his rescue. There was no wolf at all.

The boy repeatedly played this trick. A day came when a wolf was indeed a threat to his life. The boy frantically cried for help, “Wolf! Wolf!” No one came. The boy had deceived others day after day and eventually reaped the consequences of this actions.

In Jeremiah 14, the nation of Judah had gotten itself into a pretty uncomfortable position. They had repeatedly done wrong. God finally gave them the punishment they deserved. “So this is what the Lord says to his people: You love to wander far from me and do not restrain yourselves. Therefore, I will  . . . punish you for your sins” (Jeremiah 4:10).

God disciplines, and God corrects. His actions are proof of His love. Just as a father corrects his child’s recklessness, so the Lord corrects us (Proverbs 3:11-12). In such times, we can easily express our sorrow, especially when we want to avoid punishment. However, it is a genuine change in our actions that makes a lasting difference.


  • Is there an area of your life where you’re repeatedly struggling with the same sin?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how sincere are your motives for asking for God’s help? Is your  sorrow based on a desire to avoid punishment or to make a change?
  • What’s one step you can take this week to put action behind your desire to change?

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