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What Does Faith Look Like?


Mark 1:40-2:12

For centuries, creative people have brought spiritual realities to life through personification. For example, “Death” is a walking skeleton cloaked in a black, hooded robe. “War” has spiked armor and glowing red eyes.

But what would “Faith” look like? How can faith be pictured so it can be better understood?

In Mark 2:1-4, four guys carry their paralyzed friend to Jesus. And the house is so crowded, they decide to cut a hole in the roof and lower their friend down to Jesus. Verse 5 says, “When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, ‘Son, your sins are forgiven.’” Faith can be seen! And it looks like this: Knowing they were powerless to help their friend, they loved him enough to take him to Jesus.

The faithful actions of these four men are a great example of Galatians 5:6, “The only thing that matters is faith expressing itself through love.” The way faith in Jesus can be seen is through actions prompted by selfless love.


  • What message do your actions send about what it means to have faith?
  • Who do you know who needs to a relationship with Jesus? What would it look like for you to do whatever it takes to bring that person to a place where they can hear the Gospel?

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