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What Does It Mean To Worship?


Numbers 28

Imagine what it was like to be someone in Israel, on a seemingly endless camping trip in the wilderness. You see daily offerings, weekly offerings, monthly offerings, and yearly offerings. Slaughtered lambs, bulls, goats, flour, olive oil, and wine. What does it all mean? Why do they have to sacrifice animals and food when a whole nation of people is trying to survive in the desert?

From modern eyes, sacrifices and offerings look more primitive than spiritual. Yet the process of rituals and offerings was never meant to be a permanent practice; it was given as foreshadowing of a lasting solution (Hebrews 10:1).

Animal and food sacrifices could never give us a perfect connection with God. That’s what Jesus came to accomplish. Since He fulfilled the demands of the sacrifices once and for all, the people of God no longer have to continue the rituals of animal sacrifices and food offerings (Hebrews 10:14).

Instead of being preoccupied with rituals, we can prepare ourselves to worship God every day. Every decision we make is a chance to express how valuable God is to us.

Gathering for church on Sunday is a chance to worship Jesus. Peppering your week with moments of solitude, reflection, and prayer is a chance to worship Jesus. Inviting friends over to enjoy good food and celebrate what’s good in life—that’s worship, too.

Our relationship with Jesus grows when we’re bringing all of ourselves to Him. Instead of holding back parts of our lives, we can follow His lead and make every choice to demonstrate that we believe He’s worth it. And that is something “pleasing to the Lord” (Numbers 28:8).


  • What’s one change can you make today to celebrate how much God means to you?
  • Is there a habit—whether a religious ritual or harmful behavior—keeping you from listening to Jesus and doing what He says? If so, what would it take for you to say “no” to that habit and “yes” to Him?
  • What is one area of your life in which you can follow God’s lead this week?

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