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What God Is Doing While You Wait


Numbers 1

Ever noticed that going on vacation takes a lot of preparation? There’s packing, planning, budgeting, taking time off work. Jumping in your car with just the clothes on your back could make for a disastrous trip. Preparing for the journey makes the vacation that much more enjoyable.

In Numbers 1, the nation of Israel is ready to set out for the promised land after camping near Mt. Sinai for about a year. God had just given them the Ten Commandments, but before setting out, there was one more piece of preparation.

The Lord told Moses to count the number of military-ready males they had in Israel (Numbers 1:3). Depending on the number of children you have, you might start a journey with a headcount but most of us don’t. God’s instruction might seem odd, but like all of God’s commands, it was purposeful.

Taking a census gave the Israelites an accurate assessment of their military strength. They were also able to determine the size of each tribe, which would help them when dividing up the land when they arrived.

Just like the Lord knew how to prepare the Israelites for their journey, He knows how to prepare us for what’s ahead. Every day, God gives us opportunities to grow in patience, perseverance, joy, faith, humility, and love. Our circumstances and even God’s instructions might not always make sense. But God sees our lives beginning to end and always gives us what we need for the journey ahead.


  • What’s one way God prepared you for some of the struggles you’ve faced so far this year?
  • What’s one thing God could be teaching you now in preparation for later?

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