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What Is the Consequence?

How often have you witnessed a toddler being warned not to touch something? He clearly understands the instruction but chooses to ignore the warning and acts on his desires. Perhaps, he is too curious or even rebellious to comply.

Don’t we act the same way sometimes? God convicts us in an area of our lives, but sometimes we don’t want to give up control. We either think we know what’s best or, like the toddler, we can be rebellious.

2 Chronicles details a tumultuous relationship between God and His people. Under the leadership of several evil kings, God’s people were led astray. God repeatedly warned the Israelites to stop worshiping idols and invited them to return to Him. “But they mocked God’s messengers, despised his words and scoffed at his prophets” (2 Chronicles 36:16). Ultimately, because of their repeated refusal to return to God, He delivered them into the hands of the Babylonians.

God specifically told them to turn away from their idols, but they didn’t listen. Has the Holy Spirit convicted us of our own modern idols, but we choose to ignore Him because we don’t want to give them up?  Like the parent guiding his toddler, God knows what is best for us. Are we listening?

In the end, the Israelites were not left under the rule of the Babylonians.  2 Chronicles was just a portion of their story, but not what defined it. Sin doesn’t have to be the last chapter in our story either. Even in our rebellious moments, we have a Father that offers forgiveness and restoration when we turn away from our sin and turn to Him.


  • Has there been a moment in your life when you have turned away from your sin, and turned to Jesus? If not, you can do it today.
  • What is one thing you have been putting before God in your life?
  • What is one thing you need to start doing, or stop doing, to put God first in your life today?

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