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What You Can Learn About Arrogance From Underwear

Pick your favorite pair of underpants. Run them through mud. Mix them in the trash. Then clean out your gutters with them. Are they still your favorite underpants?

Strangely enough in Jeremiah 13 the Lord asks Jeremiah to take a linen belt, which is equivalent to our favorite (expensive) pair of underpants, and hide it between rocks near a river. That linen belt surely didn’t come back clean. Through this analogy, God explained to Jeremiah that the Israelites were taking their position as His chosen people and using it to advance their own standing amongst others, going after other gods by serving and worshiping them. God wanted to show the world His love for His chosen people, but the Israelites’ arrogance and “stubbornness of their hearts” turned them away from their Creator and ultimately His purpose for them.

The danger in arrogance is when our own importance overshadows God and His true goodness. When we believe that who we are holds more weight and power than God’s authority, we are blinded to the truth that everything we are is a gift from above. When we focus on ourselves more than Jesus, listening to Him gets tough and doing what He says becomes almost impossible. We can’t praise God when our mouths are constantly spilling out with our names and “good” deeds.

God loves us deeply and immensely. He wants to delight in us and use us to give hope to our friends and families. Our value to the Lord is great, but we can’t let our egos outweigh the good news that we have hope because of our faith in Jesus, not because of who we are or anything we’ve done. Our humility, love and praise are more to God than a pair of not-so tidy whiteys.


  • Why do you think it matters so much to God that we understand grace?
  • Are your actions reflecting God and His grace or are your actions pointing back to you?
  • What’s one way to show God how thankful we are for His grace?

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