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What you need to lead others well

Would you risk your life to bring your commander a drink from his favorite watering hole? How about risking your popularity to defend the victim of a bully? Or refusing to lie on a report at work?

In 2 Samuel 23:13-17, while David was hiding in a cave, he expressed his desire for a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem. Despite the fact that the well was guarded by Philistine soldiers, three of David’s chief men snuck through enemy lines to get water from the well and brought it back to their commander. David’s men had the courage to take incredible risks for him because David trusted God for direction and led them well. 

When we trust in God, those we lead can find the courage to obey Him. We can inspire our families to tithe even when money is tight, or encourage our children to stand firm when their faith is challenged by their peers. We can model for our coworkers or employees how to forgive someone who’s messed up, or how to take the time to serve others. 

It’s easy to have confidence in a leader whose strength comes from God.

People are more willing to follow the example or direction of someone they trust, and it’s easy to have confidence in a leader whose strength comes from God.

Just as David’s faith helped his men to come together and exceed their own expectations because of their loyalty to him, your faith can lead those watching you to do great things for God.


  • Who is one person you can inspire to take risks for the Lord?
  • What kind of influence do you have with that person? What is one way you can use that influence to encourage him or her to take risks for Jesus?
  • What’s one way you can use your trust in God to be a better leader?

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