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Whether it’s a new movie in theaters or an unknown band’s first song on the radio, we all love celebrating something new.

However, forming an opinion about something we haven’t actually seen or heard for ourselves can do more damage than good. If we didn’t actually see the movie or listen to the band’s album, our judgment from a distance is just useless speculation. We have an opinion about the movie or the music, but it doesn’t matter much if we haven’t taken the time to let them be part of our lives.

The best spokespeople for something great always experience it for themselves first.

Many people heard about amazing healings from Jesus. He gained popularity as a powerful person because of what people saw He could do. But rather than use His power to create a spectacle for people to enjoy, He wanted to change their lives from the inside out.

Jesus didn’t come to earth to be a political or religious celebrity, but a personal Savior.

Rather than have an opinion about Jesus, we can have a personal connection with Him. He changes us personally before we share about Him publicly. That way, we speak about Him from sincere passion, not just opinion.

Jesus wants to speak to us before He speaks through us. And we should listen to Him before we expect others to as well. Through knowing Jesus and following Him step by step, we better understand how He also wants to change other people, too.


  • What’s one way Jesus has changed you?
  • Who can you tell about how Jesus has changed you?

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