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Will You Go?

We’ve all been stuck behind the car that doesn’t move when the stoplight turns green. We beep at them and yell at them (as if they can hear us), as we wait for the driver to realize the light has changed. Frustration grows because we don’t want to miss our opportunity to go and be late to our destination.

It is interesting how hurried we are in most areas of life, but how slow we can be to respond to God’s call on our lives. When Jesus called the disciples to come and follow him, they left what they were doing at once. He called them right in the middle of their workday. The Bible says they were fishing and preparing their nets.  It was not the most convenient time from their viewpoint; however, it was the perfect time from God’s eternal perspective.

These men who would become Jesus’ disciples were messy from their day of work fishing. He didn’t wait for them to get cleaned up for the journey ahead. Jesus called them in the middle of their mess. These men followed Him immediately and wholeheartedly. Their lives were forever changed.

Today, Jesus is calling us to follow him and we are to move in the same way the disciples did — at once. There is no mess, circumstance, situation or commitment He can’t handle.

Are you moving toward Jesus? The light is green.


  • Is there any area of your life you feel is holding you back from fully following Jesus?  
  • How might you do a better job of looking for Jesus in the middle of the day-to-day?

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