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Without A Doubt

God promised Abraham he would be the father of generations, too many to count. But Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were old. It was an amazing promise, but a tough one to believe.

Doubt took over in Sarah’s mind. She felt God’s promise of numerous descendants would have no way of coming true, for she was old and had always been barren. So instead of listening to God’s foretelling, she moved ahead of God, shoving past His plan and making her own arrangements. Because of her prodding, her husband, Abraham, had a son with their slave girl, Hagar.

Despite Abraham and Sarah’s disobedience and distrust, God still moved forward. Even in her very old age, and despite her once-barren state, Sarah later brought forth a son of her own, God’s chosen descendant, Isaac.

God’s message to us through this passage is clear: We are not to move ahead of His plan, thinking our own steps are loftier than those He has set out for us to follow. We aren’t all-knowing; God alone is. Sometimes we do slip up. We forget God’s promises and power and take matters into our own hands. The awesome thing is God’s will still prevails, no matter what. No matter how we mess things up, God can restore, rebuild and renovate. Trust Him and don’t push past His efforts. Let Him lead you onward, for His ways alone are perfect.


  • What are you trying to do on your own, without God’s help, right now?
  • How are you doubting God’s promises? Remember all the promises He has kept in the past.

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