Session 258

Sep. 15, 2021

From Year of the Bible 2021

Grief That Leads to Salvation

Overview: Isaiah 15-16, 2 Corinthians 7

Isaiah proclaims that God’s judgment and grace extend to all nations, as He is the Judge and Savior of the world. Isaiah’s first series of oracles show that God holds all nations accountable for their actions. He proclaims the coming judgment, defeat, and flight of the nation of Moab. Moab’s pride will not allow them to turn from their idolatry to the one true God. 

In the middle of this oracle is a cry of sympathy for the outcasts of Moab. God’s response to Moab’s cry for help is the messianic throne of David, fulfilled in Jesus. 

Paul defends his apostolic ministry as one that reflects the work of the Holy Spirit. He expresses joy over the repentant Corinthians after receiving a report that the division had been resolved. Grief that comes from God leads to repentance. 

Paul proclaims confidence in the Corinthians as they responded to correction well. How well do you take correction? Do you seek the perspective and even correction of older, wiser believers to help you grow closer to God?

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