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Your Greatest Asset

When you’re going somewhere you’ve never been, all it takes is one wrong turn, one overlooked sign or landmark, and you’re lost. Excitement is quickly replaced by anxiety. For most of us, the initial response is to insist you can figure it out. But after examining maps and driving in circles, we do what we should have done in the first place. We stop and ask for directions. We seek the wisdom of someone familiar with the area so we can move forward with clarity and direction.

For a lot of us, that story doesn’t just describe a road trip. It’s the story of how we live our entire lives. We attempt to navigate our surroundings without ever seeking wisdom and direction from the One who created it all. Information is everywhere, but we’ll only find true wisdom by studying the Bible. 2 Timothy 3:16 says the Bible is “God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” Using the Bible as our standard of truth, we can make God-honoring choices when we face questions, opportunities and temptations.

The pursuit of wisdom is a lifelong endeavor. We should seize every opportunity to better understand who God is and what He wants for us. If we believe we have life all figured out and think we can handle things on our own, we stop gaining wisdom and our relationship with God stagnates. Just like using a dull ax increases the effort required, produces little and sets us up for harm, the second we stop sharpening our hearts to the truth we start relying on our own strength and distancing ourselves from the Lord.

A relationship with God and the wisdom that results is our greatest asset. Capitalize on that by seeking God daily and reading the Bible. Doing so allows us to remain sharp in wisdom and ready for the next step God wants us to take. Only then are we effective, productive and able to make a positive difference for Jesus.


  • Are you living to make your name famous or God’s name famous? How can you tell the difference?
  • Is your life about stuff, experiences, wealth and fame? Or is it about knowing God and doing what He says?

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