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Not only is Gauntlet a life-changing week for students, it's a faith-building week for volunteers, too! Just ask any of the thousands of volunteers who have taken a week off work to be part of what Jesus is doing in the next generation.

The Gauntlet only happens because of incredible volunteers helping to make sure students have a fun and safe week. If you're interested in serving at Gauntlet, apply below.

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The best Gauntlet volunteers are mature Christians, like the ones Paul describes in 1 Timothy 3:1-7. In addition, you'll want to have a genuine desire to invest in students. Because you will spend a lot of time, as in all of your time, with students.

Other qualities we look for in group leaders: someone who isn't easily flustered, someone who will communicate well with students' parents, someone who will be flexible when plans change and decisive when students are at a stalemate.

Finally, great group leaders know it's a big deal for parents to trust us with their students. They don't take that responsibility lightly, and they work hard to make sure students have fun and stay safe.

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Photo of Emma Grace Beyer

"My life is forever impacted because of the Gauntlet. At the Gauntlet, I experienced freedom from sin, watched my friends meet Jesus, and my eyes were opened to the kingdom of God, filled with people using their gifts to set the stage for the Lord to move. As an older sister, I've prayed this would be my sisters' story as well, but had no idea I would be able to first hand witness it as a volunteer. Being a volunteer has been such a blessing to me, as it is a constant reminder of the Lord's faithfulness and how He used the Gauntlet to move in my life, my sisters, and so many other students."

— Emma Grace Beyer

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to be available?

We’ll leave your campus bright and early on Monday morning and return on Friday. To serve as a group leader, you will need to be available for the entire week.

What kind of room will I be in and will I need an air mattress?

You will be in a dorm room with another leader, next to the dorm rooms of your students. You will not need an air mattress, but you will need to bring a pillow, sheets, and/or a sleeping bag!

Will I know who’s in my room ahead of time?

You won’t. Room assignments change constantly. People get sick, plans change, and life happens. As a result, we finalize room assignments after every bus leaves for Clemson.

Can I get a specific student in my group?

You can request students on your group leader application. But due to the number of students and group requests, we can’t guarantee that you will lead the students on your request.

How often should/do I need to communicate with my students’ parents?

You’ll want to text students’ parents when you arrive in Clemson so they have your phone number. Parents love getting regular updates, so try texting nightly recaps of the day. And, make sure you respond to any texts your students’ parents send to you.

How do I lead small group time?

We provide communication and resources to help you lead students leading up to the event and throughout the week. You’ll also attend volunteer training before Gauntlet to prepare you for the week.

How do I handle hard care conversations?

You’ll learn more about navigating care conversations during volunteer training. If you ever need help leading your group, don’t be afraid to reach out to your bus leader or a Gauntlet care volunteer.

How many students will be in my group?

We assign one volunteer group leader to every four Middle School students and one volunteer group leader to every six High School students.

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