Special Needs

Every student matters

Every student matters to us and deserves to hear about Jesus on their level. At Gauntlet, students with special needs are paired with a volunteer who meets them where they’re at and helps them understand the good news that Jesus loves them.

NewSpring’s special needs ministry provides options for students with a wide-range of physical and cognitive needs. Let us know about your child’s needs on the sign-up form, and we’ll work with you to give your student the best week ever.

If you’ve got questions, concerns, or need financial assistance, let us know. We do whatever we can to help everyone who wants to go to Gauntlet get to Gauntlet.

Get Your Ticket to Gauntlet

Tickets are $399 and are non-refundable. This includes students’ transportation, rooms, lunch and dinner in Daytona, and all Gauntlet activities. If your student wants to purchase some fresh airbrush or a souvenir from the Gauntlet Store, they’ll need some spending money.

A $100 deposit will save your student’s spot, and you can pay the rest between now and May 3.

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What does a typical day at Gauntlet look like for a student with special needs?

Our special needs ministry follows the same schedule as everyone who attends Gauntlet. The only difference is we have the flexibility and accommodations to meet our students’ needs. This might mean special seating and entry points for sessions. Or, it might mean using a student guide designed for special needs during small group and quiet time.

What is the child/volunteer ratio for my student with special needs?

In most cases, we have a 1-to-1 volunteer to student ratio. Depending on students’ age and needs, we will sometimes place one volunteer with two students.

What does free time look like for my student?

Students are free to choose how they spend this time, as long as they stick with their leader. Some students swim in the pool. Others hang out by the ocean, go for a walk, play a game, or get some rest. It’s up to each student to decide how to spend their free time.

Parent Info

Get more parent info, including details about parent meetings, drop-off times, and how to follow what’s happening.

Still have questions?

Email us at gauntlet@newspring.cc.