Fuse Toolkit: Life Together

Series at a Glance

God is Himself three in one. He is relational in nature. As people created in His image, we also need relationships. When we pursue God’s heart for relationships, we understand how important relationships are and enjoy them the way God intended.

At the end of this series, students will understand: 

  1. They are designed for relationships with God and others. 
  2. The importance of our unity in Jesus 
  3. Relationships were made to sharpen us, and make us more like Jesus. 
  4. Loving God = Loving Others (It’s impossible to have one without the other.)

This series will highlight what life together is really about! Life without God or without others is dysfunctional. We need all kinds of relationships. We need our Fuse Groups, we need spiritual mothers and fathers, and we need relationships with people who are not like us. 

We will spend the first two weeks understanding the theology of “Life Together” and the last two weeks understanding the practicality of “Life Together.” 

Key Verses

Message Topics

  • Aug. 5 - Week 1: We Need Each Other
  • Aug. 12 - Week 2: Unity 
  • Aug. 19 - Week 3: Don’t Be Dull
  • Aug. 26 - Week 4: Loving God = Loving Others

Talk About This in Your Fuse Group

Fuse Group Leader Questions
Leaders, use this link to get the conversation going each week in your Fuse Group! You’ll find icebreaker questions and an activity to help guide your group time. 

Read the Bible Together
Join us on the Bible App for a five-day study on why we are created for community.  

Worship Together
Fuse Worship curated this playlist for “Life Together.” Sing like no one is listening and share the link with your Fuse Group. 

Connect with Your Group’s Parents

Send this series infographic to the parents of students in your group! 


Extra Resources for Fuse Group Leaders

Use these articles, podcasts, and videos to prepare for conversations with your group. Or, let them be a starting point for discussion when you meet.  

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Aug 2, 2020