How hope broke free from prison

Nov 19, 2017

community hope marriage patience thankfulness

Adam and Amanda Whittle thanked God for their circumstances. Then the couple learned to be thankful in them. Watch the video.

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From Easter at NewSpring

April 2, 2018

resurrection hope jesus easter

How does the death of a man thousands of years ago give us hope today? Jesus was no ordinary man. When he died, a debt was paid and God’s...

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18 ways you can celebrate Easter every day

March 30, 2018

resurrection hope salvation jesus

Easter isn’t an event to recognize but a daily reality to live by. When Jesus suffered and died on the cross and rose from a borrowed to...

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This Couple Lost A Baby, But They Never Lost Their Hope

Dec 24, 2014

hope jesus parenting

Elizabeth Salmon risked life-threatening pregnancy complications, clinging to the hope that God would fulfill his promise.

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What do I say to my kids when tragedy happens?

Sep 28, 2016

death hope students children parenting fear

When the news of a school shooting breaks, a thousand questions run through our minds.  Where are my kids? Are they OK? How did this ha...

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Our marriage was over, but we found the hope to begin again

Jan 21, 2017

healing hope marriage salvation forgiveness love grace

Lindsay and Jeff Oehmen were divorced and living in separate states, but a divine intervention brought their family of four back together.

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Promises for people who are homesick at Christmas

Dec 21, 2017

family hope christmas promises

Not long ago, a college student asked me with total earnestness, “Does saying goodbye to your family ever get easier?” Having spent the...

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Life after death: How the family of a fallen military hero found peace in an unlikely place

May 29, 2016

death hope salvation serving grief miltary

Philip Myers left a widow and two children trapped in grief until a move to Anderson, South Carolina, changed everything.

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What I Learned Through An Unexpected Conflict

Feb 19, 2014

family community hope stress

There was a specific moment I felt a storm of challenges entering my life. I had no idea how to handle it and it showed no sign of gettin...

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Four times God tells us not to give up

May 5, 2017

hope prayer faith

No matter how hard we pray, at times it can feel like God is taking an eternity to show up and do something about our circumstances. In t...

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"Wild at Heart" Sermon Video Recap

July 15, 2013

obedience hope purpose

Check out Clayton King’s sermon from Week 1 of the Redneck series in 60 seconds! Are you going through difficult times? Feeling separat...

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