"Wild at Heart" Sermon Video Recap

obedience hope purpose

Check out Clayton King’s sermon from Week 1 of the Redneck series in 60 seconds! Are you going through difficult times? Feeling separat...

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I’m Not Dead And God’s Not Done - Caradine Tully’s Story

Sep 17, 2013

hope victory relationships anger

Caradine Tully faces an ongoing battle with cancer, but God has used her illness for her good. This is her story in her own words...

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How to bring joy to a joyless workplace

community hope work following jesus

It’s as if the office itself matched the morale. The walls were covered in a hole-patching compound that was never sanded down or repain...

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Why serving others this holiday matters more than we think

community hope love compassion christmas

This Thanksgiving, I sat by an empty chair. My family, like all families, crams in our modest house for holidays. It’s a blur of jutted ...

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Light in the Past

From Lit

Dec 1, 2016

hope purpose confession

There is no LIFE without LIGHT. There is no LIFE without JESUS.

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Sermon Series

Live Inspired

Nov 2, 2016 - Nov 16, 2016

hope bible worship

Life doesn’t have to be, bleh. In this series we look at God’s inspired Word and the inspired life that comes from getting into it. 

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Who would Jesus vote for?

obedience hope jesus prayer politics

It’s Election Day across America, and many of us are wondering: What would Jesus do? Jesus is not a Republican, Democrat, or part of any...

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Where to look when you’re ready to give up

community hope failure

You worked hard and put in the hours, but you lost your job. You put everything you had into a marriage, and it ended in divorce. You’ve ...

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The Color of Love

From Gauntlet 2016

Aug 15, 2016

hope jesus love humility

Jesus’ Blood makes us a family, and that means we love each other no matter the color of our skin.   

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From Spirit Week

Feb 26, 2013

hope holy spirit

As humans, we mess up. We don’t do everything perfectly all the time. However, there is hope. There is a Helper who graciously exposes ou...

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Turn Up - Week 8

From Turn Up

July 23, 2013

hope worship suffering

We have a hope in Jesus that’s louder than any problem, stronger than any storm and constant through any trial. It’s time to tap in to Hi...

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Put Up A Fight

From Fighting FOMO

Nov 5, 2015

hope regret shame

If you decide to follow Jesus you WILL miss out. You’ll miss out on shame, regret, and a wasted life.

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