Northeast Columbia Worship Leader

Position Responsibilities

  • Lead worship for campus gatherings and uphold both musical and cultural excellence with the Sunday/Fuse/Rally bands. 
    • Schedule band for Sunday/Fuse gatherings.
    • Communicate weekly notes to the band and production team. This includes band parts, verbal communication for transitions and vision for songs and elements. 
    • Prepare charts/lead sheets and make sure Ableton Session is downloaded and prepared for rehearsal/Sunday/Fuse.
    • Lead band rehearsals.
    • Upload rehearsal audio mix to PCO. 
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with the worship team members and production team members at the campus through regular 1:1 connections, and work to make sure they are properly prepared for each campus gathering.
  • Communicate with your Campus Pastor and the Ministry Support Worship Team to understand the vision and goals needed to carry out each Gathering. 
  • Lead the recruitment, auditions, and development of new musicians and vocalists for the campus utilizing ETS resources (equip, train, and send). 
  • Create PCO flows for Sunday/Fuse/Rally gatherings.
  • Evaluate Sunday/Fuse gatherings and provide feedback to musicians/vocalists where needed.
  • Participate in Campus meetings and Worship Support Meetings.

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