One reality about Easter that is true of every miracle

salvation miracles easter

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t hearing about the miraculous things Jesus did while on earth. Healing sick people, turning water in...

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My son’s healing was a miracle for our marriage

marriage miracles prayer unity

Cassie and Rick Littlejohn were on the brink of separation. Their newborn’s struggle for life held a hidden purpose in the pain.

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The prayer for a miracle to save our baby son

healing miracles prayer health parenting

Cassie and Rick Littlejohn’s son clung to life in the NICU. Press play to hear how God’s hope arrived for thousands to see.

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How my struggle to be a mom changed everything

family miracles prayer parenting infertility miscarriage mothers

Charity McCants’ journey through infertility taught her there was a gift even greater than motherhood.

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My gift to be healed

healing miracles prayer faith gauntlet

Emily Wright’s crippling leg, shoulder, and arm issues stumped doctors. Then dozens witnessed the power of audacious faith.

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Power of the Holy Spirit

From Holy Spirit

healing miracles holy spirit

Many of us have received the payment from God for our sins, but have yet to receive the power of God. The Holy Spirit has given us the po...

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Mark: A 6-Week Devotional

salvation jesus miracles gospel

Know someone who talks a good game? Whether it’s your trash-talking sibling or the colleague who embellishes her past experiences, we’ve ...

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How one couple’s sacrifice turned out to be priceless

miracles giving infertility

Will and Rose Boozer were ready to give up their dream to help NewSpring to reach 100,000 for Jesus, but that’s not what God had in mind ...

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Twice The Miracle

miracles prayer parenting

One NewSpring family pregnant with twins faced the fear and the heartache of losing their babies in premature labor at just 22 weeks. Wat...

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Despite cancer, God is still God, and God is still good

hell trust miracles health faith promises grief

Zac Smith’s responded to the colon cancer that eventually killed him by being thankful to God, no matter what. Press play to watch his st...

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How two strangers shared a transplant miracle

miracles provision health friendship thankfulness

Luke Benoit and Sadies Farley crossed paths at NewSpring, but their live-saving connection was made in heaven. Watch the video with subti...

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