Exciting changes coming to Fuse

Fuse has always been the best night of the week. Now it’s going twice as good!

To create a better experience for every student, we’re going to hold unique gatherings for middle school and high school students starting this September.

Creating two Fuse nights will help us personalize the environment and the teaching to a student’s age and season of life. We believe students will find it easier to connect to Jesus and each other and live the life God has for them.

→ Middle school Fuse, students 6th-8th grade, will gather on Sunday evenings. 

→ High school Fuse, students 9th-12th grade, will gather as usual on Wednesday nights.

Fuse remains one ministry, and both middle school and high school Fuse will follow the same message series. (You’ll still be able to watch live online on Wednesdays, too.) 

Each gathering will be shaped just a little differently.

Middle school Fuse (First day as a unique gathering is Sept. 8.)
  • Up to an hour of pre-service fun, which could include indoor or outdoor games, snacks, or hangout time
  • Up-tempo worship songs
  • Teaching Moment
  • Small groups, alternating discussion and more teaching time
High school Fuse (First day as a unique gathering is Sept. 4):
  • Up to an hour of pre-service hangout time, including games and a coffee or snacks.
  • Up-tempo worship songs
  • Full sermon
  • Fuse Groups that meet after service and throughout the week so their Fuse experience extends into their everyday lives

So What happens between now and September?

Fuse will meet as one ministry as usual through the summer, and we’ll welcome new rising sixth-graders on June 12. Campuses are planning to hold special, fun events for students during the summer in addition to the typical Wednesday night gatherings, too.

We wanted to let you know about this with plenty of time, so we can help parents, students, and volunteers prepare for the changes.

If you know parents + students who are affected by this, share this post and let ‘em know.

June 6, 2019


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