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Feb 11, 2019

love peace reconciliation unity

Our world is more divided than ever. We’re separated by race, age, social class, gender, ethnicity, and culture. In this message, Dan Lia...

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Top 10 stories about marriage and dating

Jan 1, 2017

marriage dating relationships divorce reconciliation adultery

NewSpring believes that every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. Watch and read our favorite sto...

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Love changed everything for my Wiccan dad

May 15, 2018

evangelism community forgiveness prayer health reconciliation groups

Jennie White’s decades of prayer for her cancer-stricken dad led to salvation — and reconciliation with his estranged mom.

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Fixing your marriage starts with you

marriage mistakes responsibility reconciliation

You know the feeling. You’ve spent several hours in the same room but neither of you has spoken a word. It’s the dreaded silent treatmen...

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Restoring a marriage destroyed by a husband’s double life

March 11, 2017

community marriage addiction jesus forgiveness honesty repentance

Kelly and Jordan Bomar faced a crisis because of a secret struggle with sexual addiction, but their marriage was rescued from ruin

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We Chose Separate Bedrooms To Avoid Our Problems

March 1, 2016

marriage church faith leadership divorce reconciliation

After 8 years of marriage, Jack and Jane Muir were living separate lives. It wasn’t until they attended NewSpring Church that they discov...

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Our marriage was over, but we found the hope to begin again

Jan 21, 2017

healing hope marriage salvation forgiveness love grace

Lindsay and Jeff Oehmen were divorced and living in separate states, but a divine intervention brought their family of four back together.

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Why I gave up on my marriage

Nov 1, 2016

healing marriage forgiveness faith honesty divorce reconciliation

Heiko Dotterweich had given up on God and wanted to walk out on his family, until he learned there was still hope for his marriage ...

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My marriage and kids stole my dreams

Nov 8, 2016

community marriage identity salvation purpose divorce reconciliation

Roshanda Fuller thought marriage and family had stolen her dreams. Then, on the brink of divorce, she and her husband got a surprising ne...

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A second chance to marry my first love

Nov 29, 2016

salvation forgiveness divorce reconciliation remarriage

Mike and Sandi Piotrowski divorced after 17 years because of an affair, but an unlikely change of heart reunited their family.

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I gave the gift of forgiveness to my dying mom

Dec 6, 2016

depression forgiveness reconciliation drugs mothers

Chasity Brazell had turned her back for good on a drug-addicted mother, and then she had a surprising change of heart ...

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Our marriage problems tempted me to have an affair

Jan 3, 2017

marriage salvation repentance reconciliation adultery

Chris Wells fell into an emotional affair but found a way to fight for his marriage and start over before it was too late ...

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