Our marriage problems tempted me to have an affair

Jan 3, 2017

marriage salvation repentance reconciliation adultery

Chris Wells fell into an emotional affair but found a way to fight for his marriage and start over before it was too late ...

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Why your feud is worth the fight

relationships reconciliation communication

I always assumed avoiding conflict was the “Christian” thing to do. Inevitably, I allowed people to walk all over me instead of addressin...

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Don’t let tomorrow become too late

reconciliation grief

You won’t see it coming. My husband and I are recent transplants to South Carolina. We spent almost all of our 50-plus years in northeas...

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So your husband is addicted to porn …

marriage frustration divorce reconciliation pornography

“My husband has been hiding an addiction to pornography,” she said, barely finishing her sentence before she began to cry into her hands ...

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