Best decision ever

Asking Jesus into your life is no small thing! If you or a loved one just started a relationship with Jesus, here are some things you might find helpful.

Salvation Follow-up Entry

Use the form below to connect with your campus staff. We’d love to answer any questions you may have and connect you to others in the church.

What happens now?

The best thing you can do right now is tell someone you trust about your decision to follow Jesus! The church is a family, and in this family, we celebrate bold decisions like the one you just made.

If you’re a parent, this card is a great tool for talking about salvation with your kids.

We all need people to encourage, support, and guide us. So if you have friends or family members who know Jesus, reach out and tell them what happened. Ask them how they came to faith and what’s helped them along the way.

This is the start of something great

The same way that a wedding is the start of a marriage, salvation is the start of a lifelong relationship with Jesus. And the best way to build a relationship is through time together.

Spending time with Jesus can be as simple as reading the Bible, talking with Him in prayer, and experiencing His presence as you gather with other believers.

These resources were handpicked to help you start following Jesus. If you’re a parent, we’ve also got lots of resources for kids.

Is my child ready for salvation?

We are not responsible for our kids’ salvation — Jesus is. All we have to do is prepare our child’s minds; God changes their hearts!

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