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Wheels of Fortune - Jay Green’s Story

Jay Green's Story

God is in the details of our lives. He recently used the experience of buying a new truck to show me just how much He is in control. And I learned I needed to be willing to be used by Him.

I had found the truck I wanted at a reasonable price, and the dealer agreed to give me a good deal on the family van I was trading in. But two nights before I was going to pick up my new vehicle I did not sleep well.  

Hearing from God

God spoke plainly to my heart and told me He wanted me to sell the old van to someone for half of what I could get from the dealer.  I thought, "How in the world am I going to find someone to sell this vehicle to in one day?"  I didn't know anybody who needed an older family van, and I hadn't told anyone I was selling it.

I just need to be willing to be used by Him.

The following morning I noticed my van had a flat tire.  I filled the tire up and headed to a shop where I knew it could be repaired.  On my way to the shop I was still thinking about the conversation I had with God the night before and how I was going to find a person who needed my van. 

Obedience in the ordinary

It seemed impossible, but I had experience with God providing in unlikely ways.  A few months ago He led me to donate $500 to the Gauntlet scholarship fund. I debated giving it, but the day after giving the check to an incredibly grateful Gauntlet volunteer, I received an unexpected refund for $580.  He’d come through then, why not this time?

I mentioned to the tire shop owner I was about to trade the van in and wished I could find someone who really needed it to sell it to instead.  He looked at me oddly.  Apparently, a woman had come into his shop the day before in trouble.  Her husband had been in an accident and wrecked their only reliable vehicle.  She said her kids had already missed a day of school for lack of transportation.  I asked if he had her number but he did not.  So I gave him mine and told him if he talked to her to give me a call.

God provided

That afternoon I was making arrangements to pick up my new truck.  As I went to make my last call to the dealer the phone rang in my hand.  I answered and it was the woman I had heard about from the tire shop owner.  She apparently had run back into the shop because her son had left a toy there and gotten my number.  After a brief conversation I told her I would sell her the van for half of what the dealer was going to give me.  She said she could afford just that amount.

I was so thrilled to see how God had provided for both of us, that I invited her and her family to visit NewSpring Church.  I know that I cannot outgive God, and I’m learning not to argue with Him when He tells me to do something, but instead to watch Him work in amazing ways.

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