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Session 16

You Are Gifted To Help Build The Church

Read: 1 Peter 4:7-11

What was the most valuable gift you ever received? Most likely, it was given by someone who loved you very much. It was selected just for you, and it was given in the hope that you would enjoy it and use it.

If you are in Christ, you have been given at least one spiritual gift. This gift has great value, and it was selected just for you by the One who loves you more than anyone else in the world loves you. He wants you to enjoy it, and He wants you to use it.

1 Peter 4 says we should use our spiritual gifts to serve others, and when we do, God will be praised. Sometimes it is difficult to discover our spiritual gifts, but the best way to learn about how God has gifted us is to start serving in some capacity.

Serving is an important next step for every follower of Jesus.  Perhaps it is your next step.  If so, look for opportunities to serve that interest you. Look for opportunities to serve in ways that fuel your passion for Jesus.

Perhaps cleaning is relaxing and enjoyable for you. Jesus can use that to build His church. Maybe you don’t love to clean, but you do love working with children or students. There are opportunities to serve in that capacity within the church as well. Maybe you’re great with money. Maybe you love to write. Jesus wants to use all of these gifts to make the church stronger. Jesus wants to use all of these gifts to allow more people to hear the Gospel.

If serving is your next step, don’t wait to take it. You are gifted, and your gifts can be used to build the church, to serve others and to glorify God.


  • If you know that serving is your next step, what has been holding you back from taking it?
  • If you’re not sure how you’re gifted, what are some things you love to do? Start here, and look for opportunities to serve that connect to things you already love to do.
  • Learn more about serving opportunities at NewSpring Church here.

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