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Session 4

Does your life show what you believe?

Read: 1 Timothy 3:1-13

Every decision we make reveals every standard we set for our lives. Giving in to the pressures of purity, buying what we can’t pay for, talking about someone we think we are better than all reveal our character. How we act will be determined by whether we are allowing the values of the world or the Bible to set the standards of our lives.

When our standards are dictated by people rather than God, we are automatically limited. We have to be careful not to draw conclusions about our value from what others say about us. Being a Christian is about how we live out our faith, and oftentimes, the right stance isn’t going to be the most popular one.

In 1 Timothy 3:1-13, Paul gives us guidelines to live by because they are consistent with what God says is right and true. God is more concerned with who we are than with what we do. We are not given a list of duties to carry out, but qualities to live out.

Living a godly life starts at the heart. When we make God’s priorities our priorities, we’re less likely to allow work or volunteer activities to take us away from family responsibilities. When we see people the way Jesus saw people, we’re less likely to treat people we know well and treat people we don’t know poorly.

As a Christian, we represent Jesus at all times. Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we say, we make an impression of who Jesus is by what we say and how we act.


  • Does your behavior help or hinder your cause for Christ?
  • Are you living by God’s guidelines or your own?
  • What one area in your life can you improve today?

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