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Session 16

Preparing to Succeed

Read: 2 Corinthians 9:1-15

We’ve all worked on something that required dedication and perseverance. Maybe it was achieving an important educational or professional objective, accomplishing a major athletic goal or conquering a bad habit. How did we do it?  Did it just happen? More than likely the achievement required planning, discipline and persistence. Long before the achievement itself, we had to do what what was needed to get ready, be ready and stay ready. We prepared ourselves for success.

2 Corinthians 9 is about generosity. But as we dig deeper, the author, Paul, also is writing about preparation. The Bible teaches us that preparation is part of God’s nature and His plan. Throughout history, He has worked in the lives of people, nations and circumstances to prepare individuals and groups for His opportunities, His purposes and His blessings.

When we obey the teaching of the Bible we will be generous. The needs of others and our giving will be high priorities for our lives. Worrying about our finances, fear of risk and lack of faith can hold us back, so we must prepare in advance. God prepares us with small opportunities before the big opportunities show up. Just as Paul reminded the Corinthians about their prior commitment to be generous, we can allow Paul to remind us, too. We should also stay prepared. As we live believing that Jesus will give us opportunities to be more like Him, through serving others with generosity, we can imitate Him by preparing ourselves consistently. Moments of generosity will be natural next steps in a life of preparation aimed at always being ready for what God wants us to do.  


  • What is one thing you are doing, or can begin doing, to regularly prepare yourself for generosity?
  • What next step can you take toward lifelong preparation for generosity?

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