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Session 4

Now and Forever

Read: Acts 4:12, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Exodus 15:18

So many times in life we get overwhelmed with, well, “life.”  

It’s easy to become focused on whatever obstacle you are trying to face that your focus shifts away from Jesus altogether.

Running a successful business, striving to be the best parent, keeping up with your great neighbors — all of these are areas we’re prone to compare ourselves to others. We keep a constant scoreboard of “wins” and “failures.” It can be so exhausting there often isn’t anything left for us to do but surrender.

As Christians, we’ve all experienced situations where we tried to do things on our own and ended up exhausted, broken, defeated, and weary. It’s in those seasons where God draws near to the broken-hearted, carries our burdens, and proves himself a helpful, loving father.

The lyrics of this song are a simple declaration of the victory, power, and authority that Jesus has over our current and future circumstances — whether we taste the bitter fruit of our personal sin, or the endless struggle of life in a world still under the curse of sin.

Our response is surrender — the act of laying down our hearts’ griefs and lifting up our hands in worship of His power and authority.

You cannot earn God’s love, grace, or mercy! No matter what you’re facing today, and no matter what you’re going to face in the future, Jesus loves you, He is with you, and He is for you!  

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