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Session 8

Our Great God

Read: Psalm 27

It’s one thing to believe there’s a God. It’s a completely different thing to believe God is for you.

When we look at the circumstances around us, we have the option to embrace fear or faith. What we think about God drives our worship of Him, and our awareness of God’s presence in our past and present gives us hope for our future.

The hope of the Gospel is that we don’t have to fear the future when we put our faith in Jesus.

David is a great example of someone who chooses faith over fear through so many challenges in his life. Before David took the throne, he spent many years on the run in desert wastes and caves fleeing King Saul, who was determined to kill him.

What allowed David to believe God was with him, regardless of his circumstances? David chose to live a life of worship over a life of worry. He resolved to believe that God not only was there, He was on his side.

The same is true for us today. God is on your side. David writes in Psalm 139:5 that God goes before us, His presence follows us, and His hand covers us.

There is never a circumstance we face that God hasn’t already gone ahead of us and prepared us to overcome. There is never a pain we endure without His presence. There is nothing in our lives hidden from Him, and that brings us courage.

This is why we can worship God through every season. When we learn to see God’s presence in our lives, we can believe God is present in all our circumstances.

Read what David wrote in Psalm 27, and believe this truth over your life: “Yet I am confident that I will see the Lord’s goodness while I am here in the land of the living.”

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