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Session 5

Will you take a stand?

Read: 2 Chronicles 22, 2 Chronicles 23

Have you ever felt you should speak up or take a stand, but weren’t sure you had the courage to do it? Maybe your coworker was blaming someone else for her mistake, or you saw a student being bullied at school. Maybe someone close to you was bashing Jesus and His church. When you felt the tug at your heart to do something or say something, how did you respond?

Jehoiada the priest acted courageously by getting rid of an idolatrous ruler. Jehoiada took a stand for what was right, even though it could have cost him his life. He restored temple worship and anointed a new king. Confronting the king or queen with the demands of God’s law was the role of every priest. Unfortunately, too many let cowardice get the better of them and backed down from their duty. Jehoiada, on the other hand, chose to be bold and courageous, to make a difference.

God calls all of us to a make a difference, and we have an enemy whose mission is to stop us. Satan is the master at keeping us quiet and timid. He wants us to feel defeated, discouraged, and ultimately, destroy our lives. But God wants us to act boldly, taking a stand for what we know is right to make a difference in His name, the same way Jehoiada did. God calls us for a higher purpose than to sit back and be timid. We represent Him with our actions, and if we ask Him, He will give us the courage we need to take a stand.


  • What is one situation where God is calling you to speak out? Have you acted courageously or cowardly?
  • What is one step you can take today to act courageously in that situation?

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