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Session 7

How to respond when you’re thrown to the lions

Read: Daniel 6

At the beginning of Daniel 6, things are looking great for Daniel. He becomes one of three administrators over the 120 newly appointed satraps, who were like governors. Daniel impressed the king so much the king planned to set Daniel over the whole kingdom. 

Enter envy. Other administrators and satraps were so envious of Daniel they tried to find dirt on him to or create a scandal that would have him removed. They were relentless in their pursuit and convinced the king to make a new rule they knew Daniel couldn’t keep.

Things go from really great to really bad really fast. Not only is Daniel persecuted for praying to God, he is thrown into a pit of hungry lions with no way to escape. 

Maybe you have been there, too. Things seemed to be going great. Then the call came. Or the rumors started that threatened your integrity. Or your boss called you into his office with the news of layoffs. 

We may not be in an actual pit with real lions, but the “lions” in our lives are just as ferocious. God closed the mouths of the lions for Daniel, and He can do the same for the “lions” in your life. 

God closed the mouths of the lions for Daniel, and He can do the same for the “lions” in your life. 

God doesn’t promise us a trouble-free life, but He does promise to be with us through it all. Daniel knew that and experienced it first-hand. Daniel continued trusting, praying, and praising his God. He did what was right without shame or fear. 

Daniel 6:23 says, “And when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found on him, because he had trusted in his God.” No matter the “lions” in your life right now, keep trusting, praying and praising our God. He can deliver us without a single wound.


  • What are the “lions” in your life right now? 
  • What feelings or emotions come to mind when you think about these situations? Are those feelings out of fear and insecurity or faith and trust?
  • Take time to pray and talk to God about the “lion” in your life. If you have been scared, insecure, or doubtful, tell God. Ask Him to give you the faith, trust, and wisdom to make it through the situation unharmed. 

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