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Session 9

What you can’t see when work is in progress

Read: Daniel 8

Art galleries are full of masterpieces that began with a simple brush stroke. We stand in awe at the finished product, but rarely do we get to see the work in progress. Would we love the Mona Lisa as much if we only saw its early stages? 

Similar to an artist, God has a plan for us and a vision for us — His masterpieces. But often, we jump to conclusions or give up when there are still thousands of brush strokes to be made. 

Seeing God’s handiwork come to fruition requires patience and faith. For example, the events in Daniel’s dream came to pass when Alexander the Great (the male goat) defeated the ram (Persia). After Alexander’s death, his kingdom was divided into four parts (the four horns/four winds of heaven). 

Daniel’s vision also has implications we won’t see until the end times (Daniel 8:17). God is carrying out a bigger vision than we can see. We know God’s words will come to pass, but we shouldn’t assume to know when or how they will happen. 

In Isaiah 55:8-9, God says his ways are higher than ours, and visions like Daniel’s remind us of this truth. As we pray and hear from God, we might receive a word or vision that doesn’t make sense at the moment. We can trust God to bring His plans to life. And in the absence of a clear next step, we allow our faith to continue to push us forward. 

Every artistic process includes moments of frustration. But we have to understand the brush is safest in the hand of the Master Creator.


  • Where is God leading you right now?
  • What is your next step in your walk with Jesus? If you’re not sure, consider this: What’s the last thing Jesus clearly told you to do?

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