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Session 10


Read: 1 Samuel 25

Have you ever been ruled by your emotions?

Have you let opportunities pass because your feelings took over your good sense?

I know I have. Feelings have a way of taking over my body, my mind and my actions. There are times I have allowed my feelings to rule over my day or the way I deal with my relationships. Feelings have a way of taking hold of us and steering us in the wrong direction, don’t they?

Abigail was a pretty incredible lady. She was wise, full of humility, patient, brave and courageous. She was a woman of integrity and good sense. She was a strong woman who protected others and put their needs above herself. The Bible doesn’t really delve into Abigail’s feelings, but I’m going to guess that after being married to a mean and ill-tempered man for years she wasn’t thrilled about his most recent explosion. I’m going to guess that she may have been angry, frustrated, irritated and so over him. Yet, she didn’t go yell at him, she didn’t pitch a fit when she heard what he had done, she didn’t call a friend to complain. She did not let her emotions take over or her feelings dictate her behavior. What did she do? She took action. The Bible says she lost no time, in humility and quiet strength (not frustrated, angry and irritated) she swiftly made amends for her husband’s sin. She knew when to speak, when to hold her tongue, when to act and how to do it. And, she most definitely did not let the opportunity to save a lot of men’s life pass her by. I don’t know about you but that is a lady I want to be more like!

There is nothing wrong with having feelings and emotions. However, He did not create our emotions and feelings to rule over us. He is our ruler. He is greater and stronger than any feeling that may come over us at any given moment on any given day. He alone is our guide – our strength, our comfort, our peace.

1. Are you allowing God to rule over you and your days, or are emotions taking over?

2. What can you do to make sure you do not allow feelings to dictate your behavior?

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