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Session 6


Read: Judges 16, Proverbs 31:10-12

Delilah doesn’t make the list, “Women In the Bible to Look Up To.” Her husband, Samson, has torn apart buildings and animals and killed many men in battle. If he keeps God’s commands, he keeps his strength. Few people know his secret, but his wife knows the way to discover it. Having intimate access to Samson, she learns and shares his secret with people whose actions lead to his death.

We wouldn’t model ourselves after Delilah but we can learn from her. Through Delilah, God teaches us the importance of a wife. A wife can tear down her husband in a way no one else can. After thousands of victories, one woman brings Samson to his death. She nags him until his resolve is broken and he reveals the secret of his strength. She doesn’t value God’s call on his life but quickly exchanges it for her own gain. Her lack of faithfulness brings him to a place of no strength, blindness and the choice to sacrifice his own life to defeat his enemies.

Delilah was put in a position to protect Samson. Imagine his life if she had refused to betray his trust. As a wife, you can do the most damage, but by remaining supportive and faithful, you can also build your husband up like no one else.

1. How are you encouraging your husband?

2. Are there areas where you have not remained faithful to your husband or his purpose? Are you devaluing God’s plan for lesser things?

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