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Session 19


Read: Luke 1:41-44

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, had an exciting privilege of sharing the thrills of her pregnancy with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary came and spent about 3 months with her while she too was pregnant. As told in the scripture above, Mary was pregnant with Jesus and Elizabeth knew instantly that Jesus is Lord. She responded to the fact that she was in the presence of Jesus (as Lord) before He was even born. She did not see him perform miracles on this day, she did not hear him preach, she simply knew he was Lord because of her relationship with God and because of his presence in the room.

1. Have you had moments in your life that you knew you were in the presence of Jesus? If not, why do you think that is?

2. How can you experience the presence of Jesus every day? (Maybe Jesus has done lots of things in your life, but you attribute it to luck or just don’t even notice at all. Spend some time today looking for ways that you can recognize the presence of Jesus around you.)

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