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Session 28


Read: Acts 16:14-15

Lydia wasn't that different from many of us. She worshiped God. She had a women's Bible study on Saturday mornings. She had a job and a family. And she was a great hostess.

As soon as Lydia was saved and baptized, she was eager to serve. But how? She was just your average, busy, working wife and mother. What did she have to offer? Her gift of hospitality. Paul and Silas were passing through her town. They needed a place to stay. Lydia did not just invite them to stay with her and her family, she besought them. I imagine her saying “You must come stay with us,” “We'd love to have you,” “I wouldn't have it any other way.”

And so they stayed. We don't know whether Lydia's house was immaculate or whether there were dishes to wash, laundry to put away and furniture to dust. But we do know she made the missionaries feel comfortable enough that they made it a point to visit her after getting out of prison and before departing the region.

Perhaps it came naturally to Lydia to open her home. Maybe it didn't seem like a big deal to her. But for two men for whom support was not always easy to come by, a place where they would be welcome and receive rest was priceless.

1. It wasn't Lydia's home but her heart that was important. Her faith led to her eagerness to serve. How is your heart? Are you eager to serve others?

2. Maybe you're a great hostess like Lydia, maybe not. But like Lydia, we all have gifts. What are you good at? How can you use it to help others or to build up the church?

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