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Session 29


Read: Acts 18:1-2, Acts 18:24-28, Romans 16:3-4

If you grew up in church, you'll recognize Priscilla as the woman who did it all – taught Sunday school, sang in the choir, poured the Communion wine, organized the food drive. Everyone in the church knew and respected Priscilla and her husband, and Paul greeted them by name in some of his letters and said that all the churches gave the couple thanks.

But the road to becoming a leader of the early church wasn't an easy one. Anyone who has ever moved knows it can be scary and stressful. But twice, Priscilla's faith led her to leave her home and settle someplace brand new – first because the Jews were forced out of Rome and second because she and her husband followed Paul as missionaries. Then, the Bible says, they risked their necks for Paul's life.

But because Priscilla was willing to be obedient to God's call, she had the privilege of helping to build up the church in Ephesus. We have the same opportunity. Sometimes God calls us out of comfortable situations into the unknown, but if we follow that call, we will get to be a part of greater things for His kingdom.

1. Our day-to-day routines, the comfort we find in our busy lives, can sometimes be a roadblock to finding our next steps. Take some time to ask God what job He has for you.

2. Is God calling you somewhere you are afraid to go? Look to Priscilla for encouragement and boldly follow God wherever He leads you.

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