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Session 4


Read: Joshua 2:11-12

Despite the secret you hide, the sin that haunts you or the weakness you see as a flaw, God has a purpose for your life. In the book of Joshua, God introduces us to a woman with a purpose, Rahab. As people view sin, Rahab commits one of “the worst” on a daily basis; she is a prostitute. Joshua sends two spies into the city of Jericho who stay in Rahab’s house. Maybe they go there to hire her; maybe they know they won’t be suspect in her house. Whatever their motivation for entering her home, it is there God provides them safety. In return for saving the men, Rahab and her family are spared when the other citizens of Jericho are killed.

Rahab’s story is a picture of God’s grace as He saves her, a sinner, from destruction. She ties a scarlet cord from her window. A color that historically symbolizes sin and salvation serves as the sign that her home is to be saved. God uses the very sin that shames her as an avenue to save her. God makes Rahab part of His people. She lives among the Israelites after the destruction of Jericho and is even listed in the genealogy of Jesus.

Give Jesus your sin and pain. He can use it as a path to His purpose. God has a purpose for your life too!

1. Is there sin in your present or past you believe too great for God to forgive?

2. Have you written off anyone as useless in God’s kingdom?

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