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Session 7


Read: Ruth 1-4

Are you willing to get uncomfortable? Sometimes, following God means making a hard decision and being willing to move out of our comfort zone.

Following the death of her husband, Ruth made the difficult decision to follow her mother in law, Naomi to Bethlehem. Ruth was a Moabite and foreigner to Bethlehem. She selflessly gave up the comfort of understanding the culture to go to a place where the people, land, religion, and customs were very different then her own. She was willing to get uncomfortable. Once in Bethlehem, Ruth took on the role of a servant and did whatever it took to survive.

As a result of Ruth’s willingness to get uncomfortable and become a humble servant God blessed her. She married Boaz and became the great grandmother of King David and we know that family line eventually led to Jesus. What we may view as meaningless or too difficult, can lead to greater things when we are obedient and willing to get uncomfortable.


1. Are you willing to walk away from everything and get uncomfortable? What is something or someone that God might be calling you away from?

2. God can use you to impact generations. How can you humble yourself to serve the church in a way that will impact generations to come?

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