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Session 5

Don’t disregard the middle man

Read: Galatians 3:15-29

Think back to playing games as a kid after school. Remember the arguments that ensued over an out-of-bounds call in basketball or a safe/out call in kickball? We knew the rules, but our selfish desire led us to yell, and even fight, over calls that didn’t go our way. It often took a mediator, like a teacher or parent, to correct the dispute.

The same way we needed a mediator for kickball and basketball, we need a mediator in our spiritual lives. Sin caused a rebellion between people and God, and we cannot restore the relationship on our own.

Jesus is the mediator who brings God and His people together.

Jesus is the mediator who brings God and His people together. When God chose Israel to be His people, He gave Moses a set of commands called the law. The law established guiding principles for God’s people to follow. The law didn’t save people from their sin; it taught them how to be holy until a mediator arrived who could settle the dispute between our desires and God’s desires (Galatians 3:24-25).

Left on our own, we never could have restored our relationship with God. Jesus’ death on the cross paid for our sins. Our faith in Jesus saves us, and our commitment to following His example is what allows us to grow closer to God instead of continuing to push Him away.

Without Jesus, we would be stuck in our sin. We were born rebellious. It’s in our nature. But God, in His grace, sent us a mediator. Through Jesus, we are restored as God’s children. We become heirs to God’s kingdom and receive the blessings of God’s promises.


  • How do you react when you feel like something’s not fair?
  • Have you ever argued with God about a circumstance or command you didn’t think was right?
  • How can Jesus, as our mediator, help you settle that dispute with God?

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