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Session 4

I will give you a life that’s overflowing

Read: Exodus 6:7-8, Matthew 26:26-30, Revelation 19:9

In Exodus 6:7, God makes an incredible promise to His people. He promises to make them a family — His family — and to give them a future. 

Every year, Jews celebrate these promises during a meal called the Passover. It’s the same meal Jesus celebrated with His followers at the Last Supper. That night, Jesus didn’t drink the fourth cup that symbolized this promise to be God’s people. Instead, Jesus would wait to drink this cup with the disciples as they celebrate the fulfillment of all God’s promises in heaven.  

When we have a relationship with Jesus, we, too, can live in anticipation of this celebration. Jesus redeemed us so we could join Him and the rest of our brothers and sisters at His banquet table in heaven (Revelation 19:9). 

While God’s promise to make us His people will be fulfilled completely in heaven, we don’t have to wait to experience the joy that knowing Him brings. God makes Himself known to us through His Spirit, His Word, and His people. 

God has given us the opportunity to mirror what His kingdom will be like right now, right here on Earth. We move from “me” to “we” when we connect to others in the church. When we live and serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s only natural for joy and praise to happen because we’re doing what we were made to do forever in heaven. 

As we look forward to that heavenly banquet, we feast with our family of believers here by serving together, laughing together, crying together, and caring for one another. When we understand what it means to be a part of God’s family, we can’t help but praise Him.


Thank you for not leaving me to do this life alone. Help me connect with the family you have given me here on Earth so I can more fully experience joy and give you glory. 


Take a moment to reflect on your relationships with others in the church:

  • When was the last time you laughed until it hurt? 
  • Who would you call at 2am if you needed something?
  • Who encourages you in your faith and points you toward Jesus?

If you had an answer to those questions, let those people know how much you appreciate them and look for opportunities to grow those friendships. 

If you weren’t able to answer those questions, it’s time to connect. Visit or come to Connect, and let us help you find your people. 

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