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Session 6

Jesus’ kingdom is built by people like you

Read: Matthew 10:5-6, Matthew 28:16-20

If you’re a baller, you play ball. If you’re a writer, you write. And if you’re a disciple, you make disciples.

There’s a lie that discipleship is reserved for the super-spiritual — the pastors, teachers, or worship leaders. But discipleship is simply spreading Jesus’ message and helping others to follow Him. That’s something we all do, whether we work at a church or not.

Jesus’ kingdom is built on the bold faith of former fishermen, businessmen, and tax collectors. His original disciple-makers were not religious professionals, but people who believed Jesus was who He said He was.

Jesus sent them first to the Jews, then to everyone around the world (Matthew 10:5-6, Matthew 28:19). So they went. Toes were stepped on, problems arose, but the good news about Jesus spread. People got saved and lives were changed. Then, those same people told more people. More people got saved and more lives were changed (Acts 6:7).

This was always the way things were supposed to be. Jesus’ command to go — whether it’s next door or to another country — is for all of us. We are all part of building His kingdom. You’re reading this today because a disciple said yes to making more disciples. God wants to do the same through you. Think about the people in your neighborhood, your office, your lunch group. How can they experience the hope you have in Jesus if no one tells them? (Romans 10:14) They don’t have to wait until Sunday to hear the Gospel. They can hear it from you.

Our experiences, gifts, and skills are given to us by God to help fulfill the Great Commission. We don’t have to be anyone else. We just have to be obedient to what Jesus tells us to do. So go, embrace the opportunities in front of you, and take comfort in knowing Jesus is with you always, to the very end of the age (Matthew 18:20).


  • Have you ever talked yourself out of something you know Jesus wanted you to do because you thought, I’m just a ___________?
  • How did you fill in that blank? What would you go back and tell yourself today?
  • What’s one way you can sense Jesus wants you to be part of building His kingdom?

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