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How To Be A Better Leader: A 7-Day Devotional

Think about the last time you had a really bad boss.

Whether it was the business manager with more attitude than Miranda Priestly, or the outspoken entrepreneur who made Michael Scott look tame, it’s easy to identify the qualities of a bad leader. But what about a good one?  

Too often, we define a good leader by what they aren’t. A good leader becomes the opposite of whatever drives us nuts about our current boss. And when it’s our turn to lead, our leadership style becomes the opposite of whatever that person did.

The Bible gives us a better way to know how to lead. Rather than basing our leadership style on who we don’t want to be, the Bible shows us how to lead like the people we were made to be.

For the next seven days, discover what it looks like to lead others the way Jesus leads us.

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