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Session 18

Not So Fast

Read: Luke 14:1-23

How would you feel if, while planning a party, you heard that a group of your friends felt that they deserved and expected an invitation?

Jesus spoke to many religious people who felt that they were entitled to the best seat, the best food, the best of everything, just because they were Jewish. The religious people of Jesus' day spent lots of time pointing out that they were not blind, diseased, poor, or sinful like “those people” and that their invitation to heaven was expected, deserved, and secured.

Nothing has changed. Ask the average person today why they're going to heaven and the response would be, “I'm a good person.” We point out other's faults while ignoring our own and we give prominent positions to the religious while ignoring those Jesus came to save. Why do we think we our goodness entitles us to anything? Because of our self–righteousness, we reject those that Christ will include and include many that Christ will reject.

Wouldn't it be awful to be at the door, ready to enter the party, only to hear, “Not so fast, I never knew you, depart from me”? On what is our invitation to heaven based? If it is based on anything other than Jesus Christ, we will find ourselves on the outside of the party, looking in. Those who celebrate the feast in the kingdom of God will be those who are decidedly undeserving. It will be those who realize, except for the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, we have no invitation.

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